Error updating dynamic dns entry nohost

nsupdate reads input from filename or standard input.

Zones that are under dynamic control via nsupdate or a DHCP server should not be edited by hand.Manual edits could conflict with dynamic updates and cause data to be lost.The resource records that are dynamically added or removed with nsupdate have to be in the same zone. This is identified by the MNAME field of the zone's SOA record.The signatures rely on a shared secret that should only be known to nsupdate and the name server. keyname is the name of the key, and secret is the base64 encoded shared secret.Currently, the only supported encryption algorithm for TSIG is HMAC-MD5, which is defined in RFC 2104. Use of the -y option is discouraged because the shared secret is supplied as a command line argument in clear text.

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The MNAME field of that zone's SOA record will identify the master server for that zone.

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